Guaymay Alliance Credit Union

Share Accounts

The GACU Share Account represents your share of member-ownership, while offering complete liquidity and generally higher dividends.

Deposit Accounts

The right account should be affordable, accessible and safe. GACU offers deposit accounts with competitive rates, convenient access and deposit insurance protection.


Members have access to loans that have flexible repayments attached and have no hidden fees or transaction charges. Contact us at GACU for details on our loans.

Our Services

At Guaymay Alliance Credit Union we have developed a number of services and facilities specifically designed to enhance your level of customer satisfaction and comfort. Our Services include:

  • Share accounts   ( 2 Articles )

    This is the main criteria for becoming a member of the Guaymay Alliance Credit Union, the purchase of shares. It is the basis for granting credit facilities. Members are urged to make monthly contributions to their share savings account.

  • Deposit accounts   ( 2 Articles )

    Guaymay Alliance Credit Union is taking care of its mature members. We are concerned about you and your needs and have designed a special package.

  • Loans   ( 2 Articles )

    At Guaymay Alliance Credit Union you benefit from loan and credit facilities which grant you flexible access to funds when you need it.