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Written by Administrator
Sunday, 10 April 2011 22:54
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Guaymay Alliance Credit Union formally Amoco Employees Credit Union had its genesis back in 1975 on a Saturday morning in the month of June at Amoco Trinidad Oil Company’s (ATOC) head office located at Queen and Charlotte Street Port of Spain.

Persons who discussed formation of the credit union were: Terry Bain, Terry Rodriguez, Lennox Nedd, Patricia Jardim, Oscar Richards, Gloria Donawa, Mervyn Byam, Edwin Lewis Frank Jordan, Ray Ollivierre, Anthony Lalacksingh, Knolly Gajadhar and Vernon Gabriel.  Mr. Raymond Cummings from the co-operative division also attended the meeting in an advisory capacity.

A meeting was held early September in the year 1975 to form a provisional committee to get the organization ready for registration. Furthermore, a of Board of Directors needed to be elected.  Persons who attended the meeting were: Terry Bain, Oscar Richards, Edwin Lewis, Mervyn Byam, Frank Jordan, Geoffrey Ferreira, Keith Subero, Patricia Jardim, Gloria Donawa, Vernon Gabriel, Kenneth Edwards, Dunbar Peterkin, and Raymond Ollivierra.  The provisional committee which comprised nine (9) persons held its first meeting September 25, 1975.  

The credit union was formed on September 25, 1975 and registered with the Ministry of Labour and Cooperatives on March 11 1976.

The Board of Directors were elected April 1976 and held its first meeting on April 27, 1976.   Persons elected to serve on the first Board of Directors were:

  1. Terry Bain         - President
  2. Terry Rodriguez - Vice President
  3. Patricia Jardim   - Secretary
  4. Gloria Donawa   - Treasurer
  5. Camille Alleyne
  6. Mervyn Byam
  7. Vernon Gabriel
  8. Wilfred John
  9. Roderick Parriag
  10. Kermit Walrond
  11. Trevor Lau
  12. Richard Andre

Neville Goorachan and Oscar Richards were elected to serve as alternates on the Board of Directors.

Persons elected to serve on the first Supervisory Committee were:

  1. Hollis Coker
  2. Raynold Ollivierra
  3. Harry Pirtheesingh

Clyde Brewster and Anthony Boodarsingh were elected to serve as alternates on the Supervisory Committee.

Persons elected to serve on the first Credit Committee were:

  1. Terry Bain
  2. Lennox Nedd
  3. Patricia Jardim
  4. Gloria Donawa
  5. Mervyn Byam

Dexter David and Mervyn Ifill were elected to serve as alternates on the Credit Committee.

The first credit union office was located in ATOC’s Galeota Point main office which was made available to the credit union by the company. ATOC’S Personnel manager Mr. Roger Kauffman an expatriate employee assisted tremendously to secure the office space.

The idea of a credit union came to fruition because of a genuine need among ATOC employees for a credit union within the company. A credit union would prevent money lenders working for major contractors that did business with ATOC from exploiting employees.

The Amoco Torch (an inter company monthly publication) regularly published articles about credit union activities at other AMOCO locations. This resulted in discussions about the formation of a credit union within the company between  Mr. Terry Bain and Mr. Terry Rodriguez, which eventually led to the June 1975 meeting at ATOC’s Queen and Charlotte Street Port of Spain office. 

Mr. Terry Bain was the person with the most credit union experience as he was a past president of Marcell Credit Union. His time and effort was critical in getting the credit union up and running. However, his substantial job with ATOC was demanding and did not afford him the time needed to devote to credit union activities, which required almost full time attention.
 As a result, Mr. Terry Rodriguez held discussions with Mr. Roger Kauffman and arranged for Mr. Terry Bain to be seconded from the Administration group to the Terminal group to give him more time to work on credit union matters.  Without this initiative the credit union would not have been formed.

Another person who played a pivotal role during the formation stages of the credit union was Ms. Gloria Donawa.  Her job as secretary to the Division Manager afforded her little or no time to do Credit union work during working hours. She used her lunch hour and stayed in office late at nights along with Mr. Bain, Mr. Nedd and Mr. Byam working on day to day operations of the credit union.
Ms. Donawa even used her home as an office to do credit union work away from Galeota Point.
Patricia Jardim was the credit union’s "live wire" at Amoco’s Port of Spain office, recruiting members and attending to their credit union needs on a daily basis.

Efforts were made to have Mr. Bain seconded to the credit union on a full time basis, but due to legal complications did not materialize. Due to the rapid growth of the credit union it became necessary to recruit a full time employee hence, the first employee Mr. Oswald Eastman was hired but he stayed a very short time with the organization.  Mrs. Joyce Lapaix was the second person employed.  She began working on January 23, 1978 and worked uninterrupted until her retirement on February 01, 2008.

Naming the credit union presented its own challenges as permission had to be obtained from the company to use the name Amoco.  After much discussion the name Amoco Employees Credit Union was chosen.
Approximately eleven years ago the credit union took a decision to extend its bond outside of the company to include residents from within Mayaro / Guayaguayare area and its environs. A competition was arranged among members to come up with a suitable name.  Mr. Neal Alleyne emerged as the winner and the name change form Amoco Employees Credit Union to Guaymay Alliance Credit Union was approved by the Commissioner in the month of March 2002.

The slogan “ Saving Together To Help Each Other”resulted from a competition among credit union members to come up with a slogan to reflect the purpose of our organization.
Mr. Deoraj Lakhansingh won the competition.

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